Paid and Unpaid Sick Days

In TimeWellScheduled you can have 2 types of sick days Sick Day – PAID Sick Day – UNPAID   Sick Day – UNPAID This type of sick day WILL NOT push to payroll. The system will keep track and you can report on the number taken, but nothing more happens with this type of absence. […]

Allow employees to see other employees absences

If you want your employees to see each other absences, you can turn this on by going to MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE SCHEDULE AND TIME CARD SETTINGS and enabling this option.

Approving time cards – Absence reason select box

To allow Managers/Supervisors to select an absence reason they must have the correct Security Groups enabled   Go to Manage My Business>>Security Groups and make sure Allow Absence on time Card and Allow shift swap time card are checked under the desired group(s).

Manage Absence Request Types

When employees are requesting an Absence you can customize common Request Types by going to Manage My business>>Manage Absence Request Types   Add a new Absence Request Type Enter the Name: Paycode: Optional Color: Requires Explanation: Check if you would like employees to create a note on the reason for their Absence. Auto Approved: Check […]

How do Absence Requests work?

REQUEST (When an employee requests) The request starts as pending When approving by administrators/managers/supervisors If the employee in unscheduled the request can be approved by administrators/managers/supervisors If the employee is schduled, it will ask what the administrator/manager/supervisor if they want to delete/transfer/do nothing with the shift REQUEST (Visible to administrators/managers/supervisor) If Absences are AUTO APPROVED, then […]

Amend if timecard was marked by accident as absence

When approving timecards, you will have the options: Mark this as a DID NOT SHOW absence Mark this as a SICK DAY absence Click these will delete the timecard and add an entry in the ABSENCE module.However, if this was done by mistake, go to the ABSENCE module and delete the absence, In turn, the […]

Add/approve timecards for employees who do not show up

1. Find the employee who has not shown up. 2. To set their times, click the EDIT icon (in red) 3. Click the ADD link (in red) to add hours 4. Use the drop down to enter the hours you want, then click the SAVE icon (in red) 5. Their hours are now added, click […]

[VIDEO] Absence Request

This is the How To Complete the Absence Request for TIMEwellSCHEDULED. The fully tailored time and attendance with employee scheduling enhances your workforce management capability.