How do I set alerts?

You can manage alerts under MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE ALERTS.

Employee has been exited by the system

Employees who leave their shift for the day without punching out will be exited by the system. Meaning, their timecard will reflect the shift times indicated on their schedule when not punched out. If the employee clocks out before their scheduled end time, The earlier punch out time will be recorded.   The system looks […]

Setup Hour Alerting – How to

Hour alerting sends an email to managers and supervisors when an employee reaches a set number of hours worked. To do this: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to SETUP TOTAL HOUR ALERTS To edit an existing alert, click EDIT. To add, click ADD Complete the form. The message body allows you to enter a […]

Whenever someone sends a message through TimeWellScheduled it goes directly to the recipient’s junk folder. How can this be fixed?

Unfortunately on our side, there isn’t anything we can do since it’s your mail system that is marking the email as junk. The only real solution is to put the domain into your safe senders list. This is an issue many sites have as email applications work to lower the amount of junk email you […]

Schedule breaks and meal times

There are 3 ways to schedule meals and breaks, based on what works for your business. If you want to schedule just meals, you could schedule 2 split shifts. Example, if someone is scheduled 9-5 and you want them to have a break from 12:30-1:00, you can schedule a 9-12:30 and a 1:00 to 5:00 […]

Alerting when an employee has an open schedule

If you have an employee who has an open schedule, you may or may not want to get alerted when they punch in. To manage this, go to Manage My Business » General » Manage My Schedule Settings and Time Card Settings Check or uncheck this option based on your preference.

Upcoming Schedule Emailed to You

Each Saturday, the upcoming weeks schedule will now be emailed to each employee so they have a copy of when they will work. Here is a sample:

Activate SMS messaging

1. In General Settings, choose Turn On SMS   2.  Once this option is configured,  Alerts may be set for each employee. In Manage My Business > Genereal > Manage My Employees > Edit employee, choose the SMS option in the Alerts panel. There are three options to receive alerts: Receive all alerts: The employee receives all […]

Turning on weekly schedule email reminders to staff

You can turn on a weekly alert to staff so they are aware of their upcoming schedule. To do this, go to Manage My Business » Manage My Schedule Settings and Time Card Settings And select

Alert owner or managers when an employee is late

This is managed under the ROLES. Go to Manage My Business » Business Settings » Manage Roles and select a role to edit. You will see a drop list ‘Secondary Notification’, in there you can pick your role. Once saved, any notifications sent to the role you just edited will also be sent to you.