App – Employees

Push Notifications to the Employee App

Push notifications are automatically sent to your phone once you’ve installed the app and signed in. All the communications you received by email will now alert. You will know you have new alerts in the icon for the app (in this case 2 new alerts) and the alerts themselves will look like this

My employees are not receiving emails

With the launch of the employee app, some employees are choosing to only receive alerts in the app. To check Open the employees profile (EMPLOYEES, find the employee. click EDIT) Go to the ALERTS tab If ‘E-Mail” is checked, they will receive it via email If “In the employee app – MY MESSAGES” is checked, they […]

COVID check via the employee app

Employees can now complete the COVID check on the employee app. Log into the app and click the COVID check     Answer the question  

How to install the employee app

Download the app for Android here, or iOS here. Once you install, enter your email and password. Within the TimeWellScheduled employee app you can See the number of shifts, absences and messages at one glance Check your schedule – click any date that has a coloured dot. Check your absences – click any date that […]