How Do I Restrict Punch Buttons On My Device Without IP Blocking

Follow these steps to setup your iOS or Android device with access restrictions: Log into your portal and remove all IP or cookie based restrictions On your mobile device, go to SETTINGS Find the TWS Connect application The bottom setting is ‘Admin Password’ – in here enter a password of any administrators on the site. […]

Local cache of users couldn’t validate your punch.Try again later. iOS app error.

This error indicates you are not connecting to the TimeWellScheduled server.This could mean: Your internet is not functioning properly. – Please contact your local Nerd or IT provider. Your Company ID is incorrect in your iPad settings – Mobile App Start up Guide Your Company ID has been entered incorrectly. Your Company ID is case […]

How to install the Android app

NOTE: We are in the process of submitting the app to the Google Play store, so this is the temporary method. Follow the steps here to allow unidentified developers (us) to install the app install-android- apps-unidentified-developer.html Download the file from us onto the device (contact support, we will send it via email) Install the […]

How to install the iOS app

1. Visit the URL in Safari. The URL should be similar to the following: or ask us, we can shorten it to something like 2. Press the install button on the page.   3. Press the install button on the alert.     4. Press the home button on the device. You should see […]

How to upgrade to the latest version of the TimeWellScheduled app

To update to the latest version, click the INFO link at the bottom of the app if there is an update, you will see a red bar that says the new version click the red bar you will see a popup, prompting to install That’s all there is

Mobile App: iOS – Download and Install

On the iPad, open Safari and login to TimeWellScheduled as you would on a desktop. Go to Manage My Business>>Download the app for iOS here You will be prompted with installation instructions from the app.  

How do restrict access in the app when I use COOKIES access restrictions?

Download the app from MANAGE MY BUSINESS Open the iPad settings app   Scroll to the bottom to the list of applications, select TWS Connect On the right side, you will see an option ADMIN PASSWORD Enter the password of ANY admin account on the system. If you DO not set this up correctly, you […]

Mobile App Startup Guide: iOS

After installing the TimeWellScheduled app on iOS you will need to add your company ID in the iPad settings. First click on the settings icon on the Home screen of the iPad. In the settings page you can choose: Location: allows TWS to know your gps location via the iPad. settings here determine if gps […]