Changing BREAK and MEALS

If you have employees who punch incorrectly for a BREAK or MEAL when it was meant for the other, you can now change it. Go to the dashboard and find the employee. In the ACTION drop down, you will see a new option. Click it and confirm the action and the break or meal will be […]

How Managers Can Clock In Employees

We’ve added a feature to the dashboard to allow managers and administrators to clock in employees. This feature replicates the action as if they were doing it themselves. This would be useful in a few cases the managers could do on the employees behalf if an employee came in late and never clocked in if […]

Add a Video to Dashboard News

To add a video to the Dashboard news it first must be uploaded to an online video server. The most popular is youtube.com. Next we need the YouTube embed code from any uploaded video In TimeWellScheduled choose Manage My Business>>Manage Dashboard News To add a new News post choose Add News   Add a title. […]

Links panel on Dashboard

You can include important links in your store’s dashboard screen. all Employees will see these links when activated. To add a Link go to manage My Business>>Manage My Links, click Add Link, fill in the Name and URL and click Add. to Edit an existing Link choose Edit from the dropdown menu.