Why are my employees getting automatically punched out?

We have a control to ensure employee schedules do not run non-stop, making their timecard report a much larger number than it really is. Based on the maximum shift length, we auto log an employee off 1 hour after this. For example, if Department A has a maximum shift length of 10 hours, the system […]

[VIDEO] Restore missing punch in/out buttons

Problem: An employee came to work today and the punch in/out buttons are missing, what happened to them? Solution: This will happen if your stores IP (the unique number on the internet) has changed. To fix this, follow the directions here.  

Set the default length for meals/breaks

For most companies, this is set under Manage My Business » Business Settings » Manage My Departments Select a department to edit and at the bottom, you will see the grace periods and length of meal/break. Other companies that use shift rules will see it when they edit a shift under Manage My Business » […]

Setting up your Barcode Scanner

One punch in method TimeWellScheduled supports is barcode scanning. Barcode reads (like this one) scan a barcode and input like a keyboard. This means we keep the employee code and password set-up and when you scan the barcode, it fills in those values. All your employees need to do it pick an action. So how […]

Block employees from punching in from home

There are two ways to do this: First Way: Make sure you set up your access restrictions. When these are set up, they will only show the punch in buttons for the registered IPs. You can see how to set these up here.   Second Way: On the MANAGE MY BUSINESS page, there is an […]

Employees punching in and out at their own department stations

We just released an update that allows you to bookmark a unique URL, by department so that employees scheduled for that department can only punch in and out at that department station. You can enable this for a specific department or all departments. Only those departments checked off, will be required to punch at the […]