How to use OPEN SHIFTS

Make sure you enable OPEN SHIFTS in your settings: You may also want to setup the default ROLE for each department so when you create an OPEN SHIFT you don’t have to pick it each time. Do that by editing a department and setting it here: On the scheduling screen, click the + symbol on […]

Display your employee role on the schedule screen

If you need to show the employee role on the schedule screen, enable it by going here and turning it on:   On the scheduling screen, it will show the ROLE under the times:  

Schedule History/Audit Trail

Any time a change is made to a schedule, ex schedule added scheduled deleted scheduled changed published unpublished an audit trail log is recorded. To see this history, click the   icon on the schedule page. You will see a history of all past actions:

How Do I Add A Shift In The Past?

There is no way to add a shift in the past since there is no way for an employee to fulfill that shift by punching in and out. This also avoids issues with employees not receiving via email or seeing their schedule until AFTER the shift happens. If you need to add a time card […]

How to let employees see their schedule audit trail

You can allow employees to see their own schedule audit trail by going to MANAGE MY BUSINESS and turning on the feature: Once on, the employee will see the audit trail icon on the schedule page When clicked, shows JUST their entries:

Override Meals/Breaks In Time Bands

You can now override the default meal and break lengths for time bands. This is useful if you have 60 minute meals for most cases but need 30 minute meals in specific cases. To override the default values, add or edit an existing time band and pick the new times:

How does availability and scheduling work together?

When using the availability module, employees can either mark themselves AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE. When this request is approved, if the employee picked AVAILABLE – on the day of the request, you can only add a schedule during their available times. Ex. if they entered they are available 9am-5pm, then a schedule can be created between 9am-5pm […]

Adding labels in shifts

To create a new label, go to MANAGE TIMEBANDS and create/edit a timeband. In the NAME enter the label you want to use, like ON CALL. Set the start and end time to the same time (ex. 9am) Go to the schedule screen and you will see the new timeband. This timeband will always show […]