Security Groups

Adding Employees and Security Groups

When a user adds an employee, the available security groups are based on the security group of the user adding it – they can only add to the same or lower security level. This means if the user who is adding a new employee is level 4, they can only add new employees at level […]

Approving time cards – Absence reason select box

To allow Managers/Supervisors to select an absence reason they must have the correct Security Groups enabled   Go to Manage My Business>>Security Groups and make sure Allow Absence on time Card and Allow shift swap time card are checked under the desired group(s).

How Do I Manage Who Can Add/Receive Vital Signs

To manage who can see the Vital Signs section on the front page of TimeWellScheduled go to Manage My Business>>Manage Security Groups and add a checkmark below the Security Groups you would like to see the Vital Signs section.  

How Do I Manage Who Can Add News?

To manage who can add News to the front page News section go to Manage My Business>>Manage Security Groups. Scroll down to TWS News and add a checkmark to the security group you would like to have access. An X indicates that group cannot access this function.

[VIDEO] Manage Security Groups

This is the How To Manage Security Groups for TIMEwellSCHEDULED. The fully tailored time and attendance with employee scheduling enhances your workforce management capability.