Adding Employees and Security Groups

When a user adds an employee, the available security groups are based on the security group of the user adding it – they can only add to the same or lower security level. This means if the user who is adding a new employee is level 4, they can only add new employees at level […]

Approving time cards – Absence reason select box

To allow Managers/Supervisors to select an absence reason they must have the correct Security Groups enabled   Go to Manage My Business>>Security Groups and make sure Allow Absence on time Card and Allow shift swap time card are checked under the desired group(s).

How Do I Manage Who Can Add/Receive Vital Signs

To manage who can see the Vital Signs section on the front page of TimeWellScheduled go to Manage My Business>>Manage Security Groups and add a checkmark below the Security Groups you would like to see the Vital Signs section.  

How Do I Manage Who Can Add News?

To manage who can add News to the front page News section go to Manage My Business>>Manage Security Groups. Scroll down to TWS News and add a checkmark to the security group you would like to have access. An X indicates that group cannot access this function.

Firewall Exclusion/Whitelisting

The following links can be excluded from firewalls (or white listed) for TimeWellScheduled We use the following 3rd party tools which you may want to exclude as well

Unsuccessful login attempt emails

If you receive an email in the below format, it means someone may be trying to access your site without authorization. In many cases, it may just be an employee forgetting their credentials. The IP is blocked for 5 minutes, then released   We would recommend strong passwords, especially for admin users. A minimum of 8 […]

Allow managers or supervisors to add/change schedules, timecards and absences/availability

Managers can be set-up to manage schedules, timecards and absences for just the employees they oversee. To do this, you need to Go to MANAGE MY EMPLOYEES Find the employee you want to make a manager or supervisor, and select EDIT. Set their permissions from EMPLOYEE to MANAGER or SUPERVISOR Under the DEPARTMENTS tab, select […]

Restrict administrators access to specific departments

Just like supervisors and managers, you can restrict access to administrators to specific departments. So as an administrator if you notice you can’t manage employees in all departments, this is likely the cause. Go in to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE MY EMPLOYEES and pick the employee in question. Uncheck the departments they supervisor and the supervise […]

[VIDEO] Manage Security Groups

This is the How To Manage Security Groups for TIMEwellSCHEDULED. The fully tailored time and attendance with employee scheduling enhances your workforce management capability.