After installing the TimeWellScheduled app on iOS you will need to add your company ID in the iPad settings.

  1. First click on the settings icon on the Home screen of the iPad.

In the settings page you can choose:

  • Location: allows TWS to know your gps location via the iPad. settings here determine if gps is used by the app all the time or only when using the app.
  • Camera: allows the TWS app to access your iPad’s camera function.
  • Use Geolocation: to allow punch ins from the field.
  • Use Camera: to capture a photo of employees at punch in for verification.
  • Alpha-numeric keyboard: uses a smaller on screen keypad. Use this If iPad keyboard covers too much of the screen.
  • Company Name: Enter your Company name
  • App Password: protects against users accessing the settings menu via the (i) info icon on the app’s Home screen.
  • Company ID: This is the unique company code given to you. You can find your code at the end of your company link:“The_weird_code_here_is_your Company_ID”
  • The code is case sensitive. you need to copy it exactly as the original you’ve received from us.
  • Admin password: this password allows TWS to send information to the server. You can choose one here.

Once you have set up an App Password, you will be asked for a password to view the app settings via the Information icon.