When it comes to holiday breaks and bank closures, managing payroll can be tricky. Here is how many of our clients manage it. Let us assume banks are closed Monday and payroll needs to be submitted Friday morning. This means no hours for Friday/Saturday/Sunday will be approved.


Week before the holiday

  1. Approve all time cards up to Friday morning
  2. Go to the payroll reports and export as usual, the 3 days will be missing
  3. Import into payroll
  4. Manually adjust hours based on assumed hours for those 3 missing days


Week of the holiday

  1. Run payroll as normal
  2. Manually adjust hours for the previous week (ex. if Chester was expected to be paid 12hrs in the 3 days payroll was not sent, but actually worked 14hrs, you will need to manually add 2hrs in payroll this week)