How do I turn off chat

To turn off Chat go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS go to MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS Uncheck the groups that you do not want to have access

What is the difference between CHAT and MESSAGES?

Messages are a single message to an employee. Chats are ongoing conversations with an employee. Messages will show in the chat under the employee. If you want to respond OR see the history of messages for an employee, go to the CHAT and click their name on the left side.

How do I know if I have unread chat messages?

Log into TimeWellScheduled and beside the menu CHAT you will see a number. That number represents the number of unread chats. Ex, if you see CHAT (3) it means you have 3 unread chat messages.

How do I start a new chat?

Log into TimeWellScheduled and click the CHAT menu item. Click the icon      Pick the employee(s) you want to chat with, enter the message and click SEND