For Managers

How do I upload an employees picture?

To upload an employee’s picture: Go to EMPLOYEES Find the employee, click EDIT On the general tab, click UPLOAD PICTURE Click the CHOOSE FILE button Find the file on your computer and select it Once picked, the filename will show, click UPLOAD The file will upload (this might take a few seconds) and back in […]

How to approve absence requests

To approve an absence request, Go to ABSENCE Find the date, click APPROVE/DECLINE You can quickly see pending, declined and approved absences Pick the absence to Approve – this alerts the employee you have approved the request, moves it to the approved column and turns green. This absence WILL show on the schedule. Decline – […]

How do I manage employees?

To add a new employee: Go to EMPLOYEES Click the green ADD button Complete the forms fields with the red * beside them, ex Payroll/punch code Name Security level Primary department If this employee will be a manager/supervisor, ensure you pick off the departments they will schedule Payroll – Used for report filters. By default […]

How to create and publish a schedule

To create a schedule: Go to SCHEDULING Pick the department you want to schedule Pick the week (make sure the week is UNPUBLISHED) You can now create a schedule 4 ways Click the + symbol for any cell for the day/employee, complete the form and click ADD Pick a time band above the days and […]

Approving shift swaps

To approve a shift swap Log into the DASHBOARD Find the shift you want to APPROVE or DECLINE If you DECLINE, the employee will be alerted, the swap is done If you APPROVE, the employee will be alerted and the shifts will swap

How do I setup a punch clock location?

If this is your first time setting up a punch clock location, make sure you have reviewed how to restrict the punch buttons. Read this article and if it applies, add the appropriate blocking. What type of punch clock location are you setting up? PC/Desktop Go to the machine that will be used as a […]

Shift Tasks/To-Do’s

  Shift tasks allow you to assign tasks to an employee’s shift and have the employee mark them completed. Creating/Managing Shift Tasks To create a task, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SHIFT TASKS Click ADD or EDIT to make changes You can also setup alerts for each task Assigning Shift Tasks   […]

How to add availability

In the menu, click AVAILABILITY   2. Click the ADD button on the day you want to add      3. Complete the information and click ADD. If you’re a manager/supervisor, you can select the availability for employees you manage. You can optionally a. Pick if the employee is AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE b. Pick if […]

How to use Sales/Labor Budget

The Sales/Labour Budget Cost tool allows you to enter store Sales totals and compare them to you labour budget and labour costs. See all departments at once for a convenient view of the whole store’s numbers. Set Sales, Labour Budget Cost and Labour Budget Hours and lock numbers in place. Easily copy numbers from last […]

Approve your timecards

To view time cards Go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL Go to REVIEW, UPDATE AND APPROVE TIME CARDS Pick a department (or click ALL DEPARTMENTS) By default the report filters to show JUST those time cards that need approval. You can change the selector to SHOW ALL. What type of time cards are there? Green […]