Time Cards

How do I show EMPLOYEE NOTES on the schedule and time card review page?

If you need to show the employee public notes on the schedule and time card review page Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SCHEDULE AND TIME CARD SETTINGS Enable these 2 options: What will show on the schedule: What will show on the time cards:

How can I or my employees add manual time cards?

** Note: if employees are doing this you need to ensure their permissions are setup to allow time card entries. By default employees don’t have this permission.   To add a manual time card, follow these steps: Go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL Go to REVIEW, UPDATE AND APPROVE TIME CARDS Pick the date range […]

Why do I have time cards that are approved automatically even if I didn’t approve them?

Time cards are approved based on your grace periods. Grace periods tell the system how many minutes before and after the scheduled time do you want to generate an exception and be alerted. Read this article on how grace periods are calculated. You can change your grace periods via MANAGE MY DEPARTMENTS (department based rules, the default) […]

Auto Approve Time Cards When ONLY An Unpaid Meal Was Missed

If you have a time card who’s ONLY exception is a missed unpaid meal can be auto approved if you turn on this feature: We would also recommend turning on this option as well, so the meal is auto-deducted Automatically subtract MEALS (if unpaid) even if the employee doesn’t take them

Why do some time cards round to the minute and others don’t?

This ONLY applies if you’ve set up to pay to the minute vs rounding to the 15min.   If an employee punches in within the grace periods and has no exceptions, the system will set the PAID hours to the ACTUAL and approve.   Example (no alerts – there are no other exceptions on meal […]


When approving time cards, if you want to copy the SCHEDULED HOURS to the PAID HOURS, you can simply click the button at the bottom right. This will take the scheduled hours 9:00AM-5:00PM and set those as the PAID HOURS (over-writing the 9:45AM-5:00PM).  

How and Why To Lock Your Time Cards

Once all your time cards have been approved, you should lock them to avoid other employees making changes. This is especially critical if you’re exporting to payroll. You don’t want to export your time cards and then have someone edit a time card after. Your numbers won’t match. To lock the time cards, go to […]

Download my time card history

If you want to keep a local copy of you time card history, you can download it by going to TIME CARD & PAYROLL and selecting the report Download my time card history Pick the date range you’re looking for and click GO, the file will be generated and ready to download.

Adding labels in shifts

To create a new label, go to MANAGE TIMEBANDS and create/edit a timeband. In the NAME enter the label you want to use, like ON CALL. Set the start and end time to the same time (ex. 9am) Go to the schedule screen and you will see the new timeband. This timeband will always show […]

How do I split a shift after the employee has worked the day

If you have a schedule that needs to be split, follow these steps. Here is your schedule, 9am-5pm but you need to split 9am-12pm and 12pm-5pm) Edit the time card to show the first part of the split (in this case 9am-12pm): Go to ADD TIME CARD and select the new time (12pm-5pm) Now you […]