How do I change the date when an automated push report is sent?

If you have an automated report setup that needs to be changed to a new push date, follow these steps: Go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL Find the report you have setup to push Click the PUSH REPORT icon Change the date in the popup to the new date to start pushing Click SAVE

Employee Information Report

If you’re looking for a report to show details like hire date, years of service, pay rate and more then load the Employee Information Report. To load the report Go to REPORTS Go to EMPLOYEE INFORMATION REPORT  

How do I stop/delete automated push reports?

If you have an automated report setup that is no longer needed, follow these steps: Go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL Go to PUSH REPORTS Find the report you want stopped and click DELETE

How do I change the date or people who receive the automated reports?

If you haven’t set up an automated report, read this article.   Once set up, you can change the day of week the report sends or who receives the report. To do this, go back to the report and pick a new day or employees. In this example we are changing the report from running on […]

How to receive reports automatically

Follow these steps to receive one of the reports in TimeWellScheduled weekly. Go to the report you want to receive weekly (ex. Sales & Labor Budget Cost Report) Click the MAIL icon Select the users you want to receive and the date the report should start Click SAVE

Vital Signs Report

If you would like to see your vital signs over a time period, go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL and select VITAL SIGNS REPORT. Pick the date range and the report will show the history you entered.  

Accumulated Hours By Employee

If you need the total hours an employee worked in a time period, you can use this report found under TIME CARD & PAYROLL.