Stat Holiday Reports

Ensure you first have your stat holidays setup. To view the stat report, go to Time Card & Payroll in the menu Select Holiday/Stat Report Pick the holiday and click GO The report will generate a list of all employees who were scheduled that day and show if they worked before/after and color code if […]

Exclude paid meals/breaks from overtime calculations.

We’ve added the option to set your hours for maximum regular hours and choose the option to exclude paid meals and breaks . Go to Manage My Business>>Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labour Rules. This calculation will be reflected on the Schedule page, for example in this case the employee worked 53 hours. That’s 9 […]

Weekly late report

If managers want to see which employees came to work late, we have a couple of reports that might work, let me know if you have any issues with them. Time Card & Payroll » Time Card Discrepancy Report Time Card & Payroll » Attendance Report

Print TimeWellScheduled reports from an AI/AMS/Citrix session

Printer drivers and printing capabilities are supported by Retail Systems. You will need to call them at (866) 899-3025 and be able to identify the printer asset tag and which AI staff need to be able to print.

Partial weeks hours report

Background: My company reports from Sun-Sat I want to report on hours from Jan 1-4, 2013 Under TIMECARDS AND PAYROLL, there are 3 reports: Hours Preparation Report Hour and Shift Preparation Report Hour, Shift and Pay Preparation Report The last two reports display overtime and double overtime hours, therefore require a full week to report. […]