How to receive reports automatically

Follow these steps to receive one of the reports in TimeWellScheduled weekly. Go to the report you want to receive weekly (ex. Sales & Labor Budget Cost Report) Click the MAIL icon Select the users you want to receive and the date the report should start Click SAVE

Vital Signs Report

If you would like to see your vital signs over a time period, go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL and select VITAL SIGNS REPORT. Pick the date range and the report will show the history you entered.  

Accumulated Hours By Employee

If you need the total hours an employee worked in a time period, you can use this report found under TIME CARD & PAYROLL.

Statutory Holiday Reports

Go to the payroll setup and set the correct export details as explained here. Ensure you first have your statutory holidays setup. To view the stat report, go to Time Card & Payroll in the menu Select Holiday/Statutory Report Pick the holiday and click GO The report will generate 2 lists, those employees who worked the […]

Exclude paid meals/breaks from overtime calculations.

We’ve added the option to set your hours for maximum regular hours and choose the option to exclude paid meals and breaks . Go to Manage My Business>>Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labour Rules. This calculation will be reflected on the Schedule page, for example in this case the employee worked 53 hours. That’s 9 […]

Weekly late report

If managers want to see which employees came to work late, we have a couple of reports that might work, let me know if you have any issues with them. Time Card & Payroll » Time Card Discrepancy Report Time Card & Payroll » Attendance Report You can also go to the employee list and […]

Print TimeWellScheduled reports from an AI/AMS/Citrix session

Printer drivers and printing capabilities are supported by Retail Systems. You will need to call them at (866) 899-3025 and be able to identify the printer asset tag and which AI staff need to be able to print.

Partial weeks hours report

Background: My company reports from Sun-Sat I want to report on hours from Jan 1-4, 2013 Under TIMECARDS AND PAYROLL, there are 3 reports: Hours Preparation Report Hour and Shift Preparation Report Hour, Shift and Pay Preparation Report The last two reports display overtime and double overtime hours, therefore require a full week to report. […]