To add a new employee:

  1. Go to EMPLOYEES
  2. Click the green ADD button
  3. Complete the forms fields with the red * beside them, ex
    1. Payroll/punch code
    2. Name
    3. Security level
    4. Primary department
  4. If this employee will be a manager/supervisor, ensure you pick off the departments they will schedule
  5. Payroll – Used for report filters. By default only HOURLY are part of the payroll export (as most clients only need hourly exported)
  6. Role – details here
  7. The remaining tabs like competencies and important dates are optional and help you manage your employees easier
  8. Click the SAVE button

To edit an employee:

  1. Go to EMPLOYEES
  2. Find the employee, click EDIT
  3. Update the fields that need changing
  4. Click the SAVE button

To change an employee’s status

Follow these steps

To change an employee’s password

NOTE – you can not see an employee’s password. It is one way encrypted and unreadable.

To change an employee’s password:

  1. Follow the steps above to edit an employee
  2. Go to the GENERAL tab
  4. Type in the PASSWORD and click SAVE

View employee’s history

Follow these steps

Employee ROE

Follow these steps