When the system auto-clocks an employee out, what logic does it use?
If an employee forgets to check out, the system automatically clocks them out. To calculate when to do this, there are 2 scenarios
1. If the employee is scheduled, it will set the time to their END OF SHIFT time
ex. If the employee is scheduled 9-5. the END SHIFT will be set to 5
2. if the employee is open scheduled, it will use the maximum shift length, plus an hour (just in case they really are working that late).
ex. if the employee clocks in at noon and the maximum hours allowed is 10, then it will use 11PM as their clock out
My biometrics scanner isn’t working
Follow these steps and if they still don’t work, send an email to [email protected]
  1. Is the device plugged in?
    NO, then plug it in
  2. Does the device have a light blue glow to it?
    NO, then the device isn’t plugged in or is physically broken.
  3. Does the device turn red when you place your finger on it?
    NO, then the device isn’t plugged in or is physically broken.
  4. When you load your landing page, do you see a fingerprint on it?
    NO, then you haven’t enabled biometrics, follow these steps
  5. Do you see any popup messages, about warnings, etc?
    YES, then you need to complete the setup
If you tried all these, please email us for help
Employee Status in reports

When creating a report an Employee’s current status will apply.

For example, if an employee’s status changes on a date included in the report, the whole report will reflect that status. The employee’s current status will need to be selected from the Status menu.

ie. If the employee’s status changes to “No longer employed” midway through the week of the report, you will need to select “No longer employed” to see that employee.