Scan The Right Finger

Do not scan the index finger, this is the least accurate finger to scan. Use your thumb or middle finger to ensure the best recording of your fingerprint.

Proper Use of The Reader

Most of the unique, repeatable fingerprint information is located in the “pad” of your finger, not in the “tip”. Flat finger placement as shown below will result in fast and accurate fingerprint authentication.

Still Not Reading Correctly

Biometric devices work by reading the ridges in your fingers. If the ridges are not well defined, they can not be scanned.

One way to make the ridges more visible is to encourage employees to drink more water. If that fails, you can try third party tools like these:

(** Note, links to these tools were sent to us by digitalpersona and not tested by our team as of the date we posted this entry)

We STRONGLY recommend using the same finger and scanning a thumb or middle finger as they are more accurate (not the index finger).