How do I enable or restrict employees from messaging each other?

Body: In TimeWellScheduled, you can enable or disable who employees can message.   To allow employees to message anyone in their own roles: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS Check off Can send messages to the role the employee belongs too   To allow employees to message various roles and departments: […]

How do I check messages sent to other employees?

If you are an admin or manager and need to see the messages sent to/from another employee, follow these steps: Go to MESSAGES Click the SEE MESSAGES FOR In the popup, find the employee and click the radio button Now you can see all messages sent to and from this employee

How do I undelete messages I’ve deleted

Go to your MESSAGES. Click ARCHIVE Pick the message you want to restore and click RESTORE NOTE: If you have no deleted messages (like this image) you will NOT see the archive link, ex

How To Check Past Messages?

Click on MESSAGES in the menu. Click in the date field, pick the period you sent If you want to further refine the search, say by employee name or keyword, just type it into the search:

How do I attach a file or image to a message?

To attach a file or image to a message, create a new message by going to MESSAGES, NEW MESSAGE. Pick the group to send the message to.   To attach a file, drag the file on to this section of the page. To embed an image in the message, drag the file right into the […]

How to let employees message anyone in the system

By default, only administrators and managers can message to roles below them. This avoids employees using the system to email each other. If you do need to allow this, go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS and change this row:

How to receive a copy of all messages someone sends

If you want to see all messages sent by your team, you can now go to any ROLE and add your email and you will be BCC’d all messages they send through the site. Pick a ROLE to edit and complete this part of the setup:

Whenever someone sends a message through TimeWellScheduled it goes directly to the recipient’s junk folder. How can this be fixed?

Unfortunately on our side, there isn’t anything we can do since it’s your mail system that is marking the email as junk. The only real solution is to put the domain into your safe senders list. This is an issue many sites have as email applications work to lower the amount of junk email you […]