How to receive a copy of all messages someone sends

If you want to see all messages sent by your team, you can now go to any ROLE and add your email and you will be BCC’d all messages they send through the site. Pick a ROLE to edit and complete this part of the setup:

Whenever someone sends a message through TimeWellScheduled it goes directly to the recipient’s junk folder. How can this be fixed?

Unfortunately on our side, there isn’t anything we can do since it’s your mail system that is marking the email as junk. The only real solution is to put the domain into your safe senders list. This is an issue many sites have as email applications work to lower the amount of junk email you […]

Create Message Templates

You can create message templates to send messages quickly to staff. Choose Manage Message Templates from Manage My Business Choose Add a new Message Template Create a new Message TemplateNow When creating a message you can choose from saved templates. To use the message template, follow these steps –    

Messages and copy/paste from word

If you write your messages in word, ensure you use the PASTE FROM WORD option and press CTRL/CMD+V to paste into this window. Using right click-paste will not work.

Manage Dashboard News

This support article is to teach you how to manage the News section on your dashboard. This module is located under the “Manage my Business” tab. After opening the module you can check the “News” list and each as the options to add/ edit / delete from a drop down menu. You can also click […]

I receive only some messages by email

In order for the system to email messages, the SENDER must have a valid email address in their employee profile. If they do NOT, then you will still receive the message, but through the site vs through email and site.

[VIDEO] Messages Features

This is the Messages Features for TIMEwellSCHEDULED. The fully tailored time and attendance with employee scheduling enhances your workforce management capability.