How do I remove the ability for employees to add any availability?

If you want to block employees from requesting availability completely, follow these steps: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SECURTY GROUPS Find ‘My Availability – For employees’ and UNCHECK on the appropriate group (the EMPLOYEE column)

How do I restrict/block absences/availability request for employees?

There are a few ways to restrict or block employees for asking for time off and entering availability:   You can add blackout periods. Read more here. To block requests for a specific number of days in the future, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY DEPARTMENTS Edit a department Set the time […]

Auto approve requests for availability

To enable/disable auto approving availability requests: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to GENERAL SETTINGS Go to the AVAILABILITY tab

Manage availability blackout periods

To manage black out periods for availability follow these steps: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE AVAILABILITY BLACKOUT PERIODS Click ADD Enter a name, start date and end date  

How can employees delete their absences/availability?

When an absence or availability is pending, an employee can delete or edit. Go to ABSENCE REQUEST in the menu, find the date in question and click the icon): However, once it is approved, only your manager can make changes. In that case, your request will show approved, but no icons to manage them:

How does availability and scheduling work together?

When using the availability module, employees can either mark themselves AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE. When this request is approved, if the employee picked AVAILABLE – on the day of the request, you can only add a schedule during their available times. Ex. if they entered they are available 9am-5pm, then a schedule can be created between 9am-5pm […]

How to add availability

In the menu, click AVAILABILITY   2. Click the ADD button on the day you want to add      3. Complete the information and click ADD. If you’re a manager/supervisor, you can select the availability for employees you manage. You can optionally a. Pick if the employee is AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE b. Pick if […]