How can I send SMS for free?

Some carriers offer free EMAIL to SMS service. This means you replace the employees email in TimeWellScheduled with their carriers EMAIL TO SMS address. This would replace the need to pay for SMS services within our system. Here is a list of carriers and their current email setup – pick the carrier each employee uses […]

Why did we stop receiving emails/alerts?

First check the alert status for the employees – read this article. We use a third party tool to send emails ( We do this to ensure our reputation and we don’t have our mail server blacklisted. If this were to happen, ALL emails could be blocked and not received. Read more here – […]

How to prompt employees when punching in (COVID-19)

Visit MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE PUNCH ALERT   Add or edit an existing alert Enter the alert title, body and how you want the site to handle the response. You can change this action in future to ask any sort of questions and expected responses (ie. if you need to prompt them to take action […]

How do I set alerts?

You can manage alerts under MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE ALERTS.

Employee has been exited by the system

Employees who leave their shift for the day without punching out will be exited by the system. Meaning, their timecard will reflect the shift times indicated on their schedule when not punched out. If the employee clocks out before their scheduled end time, The earlier punch out time will be recorded.   The system looks […]

Setup Hour Alerting – How to

Hour alerting sends an email to Supervisors when an employe reaches a number of hours worked. Choose Manage My Business>>Setup Hours Alerting Choose Add a new Hour Alert Add hours and a message In the employee’s profile you can enter an Hours Alert that will send an email when these hours are the same or […]