Do alerts get sent when an employee updates their ABOUT ME?

If an employee updates the following personal information in the ABOUT ME section, the person they report to will receive an alert: • Address information (street, city, etc) • Email • Phone details

How can I send SMS for free?

Some carriers offer free EMAIL to SMS service. This means you replace the employees email in TimeWellScheduled with their carriers EMAIL TO SMS address. This would replace the need to pay for SMS services within our system. Here is a list of carriers and their current email setup – pick the carrier each employee uses […]

My employees are only getting push notifications, they are not receiving emails

With the launch of the employee app, some employees are choosing to only receive alerts in the app. To check Open the employees profile (EMPLOYEES, find the employee. click EDIT) Go to the ALERTS tab If ‘E-Mail” is checked, they will receive it via email If “In the employee app – MY MESSAGES” is checked, they […]

Why did we stop receiving emails/alerts?

If you or a team member stops receiving email, check each of these steps to determine the issue: Have the user check their spam/junk folder.   Check the alert status for the employees – read this article.   Our mail service may block emails due to past sending issues. If you think an email has […]

How to prompt employees when punching in (COVID-19)

Visit MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE PUNCH ALERT   Add or edit an existing alert Enter the alert title, body and how you want the site to handle the response. You can change this action in future to ask any sort of questions and expected responses (ie. if you need to prompt them to take action […]