How to report on important dates

If you need to run a report on an important date (ex. Hire Date), follow these steps: Go to REPORTS Go to VIEW EMPLOYEE IMPORTANT DATE SEARCH Pick the date type (ex. HIRE DATE)

Change /Edit your Payroll provider

To change your payroll provider got to Manage My Business » General » Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labor Rules and choose you rprovider form the dropdown menu:

Auto approve requests for availability

To Auto approve requests for availability go to Manage my Business >> General >> General Settings and click on the My Availability tab.

How to reset an employees late entries

To reset the number of late entries for an employee: Go to the employee’s profile  and choose the scheduling tab. You can reset by clicking the desired Go button.

Importing employees via csv

A csv is a file name of a spreadsheet. you can output a spreadsheet as a csv. (comma separated values ) Add the headings and below to the spreadsheet add the employee’s info into a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel or whichever spreadsheet you choose. employee name last name employee code employee password department name Their […]

How To Check Past Messages?

Click on MESSAGES in the menu. Click in the date field, pick the period you sent If you want to further refine the search, say by employee name or keyword, just type it into the search:

Schedule History/Audit Trail

Any time a change is made to a schedule, ex schedule added scheduled deleted scheduled changed published unpublished an audit trail log is recorded. To see this history, click the   icon on the schedule page. You will see a history of all past actions:

Why can I only add an employee to 1 department even though I’m an administrator?

By default, administrators can manage all departments. However, you can set them up like managers/supervisors and restrict the depts they can manage, an example is here, this person, even though an administrator, would only be able to add/edit an employee into the MANAGEMENT dept. If this is NOT what you want, go to your profile […]

How to add availability

In the menu, click AVAILABILITY   2. Click the ADD button on the day you want to add      3. Complete the information and click ADD. If you’re a manager/supervisor, you can select the availability for employees you manage. You can optionally a. Pick if the employee is AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE b. Pick if […]