How do the STAT role premiums work?

The STAT role premiums can be applied 2 ways. Make sure the premium is assigned BEFORE you approve the Holiday/Stat Report – approving the stat report generates the premium values. Manually To assign the stat premium manually when approving a time card, check off the premium Set the amount earned and approve the STAT report […]

How Do I Manage Roles

Roles are used for alerting. Whenever employee requests time off, is early/late, etc the system checks the role they report too and alerts them. You can also use the organization chart to better visualize your companies hierarchy. To add/edit/delete a role, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE ROLES To add a new role, […]

Colour coding on organizational chart

The organizational chart can be found under REPORTS. It shows all your roles and each role can be clicked to see who is in that role and who reports to it.   If the role is blue, then an employee is in that role, and employees report to it. If the role is yellow, then […]

Adding and Viewing Role Shift Premiums

Adding a shift premium is done automatically when you assign a shift to an employee with that role: When viewing a schedule, there will be an icon in front of the time to let you know there is a shift premium assigned: And when you mouse over, it will detail the premium:

How to Assign Shift Premiums to Employees

Go to the employee record and click on the ROLES tab. Find the role and click the + symbol. Enter the premium (in this case 2hrs) to the shift premium, click ASSIGN.

Get An Alert When An Employee Is Under or Over An Amount Of Hours

You may want to be alerted when a full time employee has less than 20 hours, or when an employee has reached over time and is passing 44 hours. To set this up, go to Manage My Business -> Manage Roles For each role, there is a minimum and maximum hours worked section. When setup, […]

Secondary Notifications on Roles

Use the secondary notification field to select employees to be alerted when actions for the above role are created. For example, when an absence request is added, the role members the employee reports to will be notified. If there are secondary employees selected, they too will be notified. To manage this Go to MANAGE MY […]