Getting Started

How can I add my own message on the welcome email to employees?

You may want to message employees about your privacy policy or other information when they sign up. To add your own message, when you click SEND WELCOME EMAIL, complete the comment box: When the employee receives their email, it will contain the message:

Easily send Employee Welcome Emails

You can send a welcome email to employees that will include the URL to log in with, their employee code and password. To do this, go to the  EMPLOYEE page and click the employees you want to send the email to. Then click the blue button “Send welcome email”. You will be prompted to confirm […]

Getting Started

How do I log in? When you sign up, a welcome email is sent to you. Use that email to log into your site. If you can’t find your welcome email, visit and click EMPLOYEE LOGIN. top What should I do first? Add Your Departments Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE MY DEPARTMENTS and add […]