Why is our time clock not accurate?

We sync the time clock back to our server every 10 minutes. This means once every 10 minutes that the computer is awake (not in hibernate or sleep mode) it will reset itself to the latest time.   If your computer is set to hibernate or sleep, when it wakes up, the time can be […]

Setting up geofencing

Geofencing allows you to control punch abilities within a specific area. We STRONGLY recommend using a phone with a GPS as a web browser does not always provide an accurate result. NOTE – we don’t retrieve the location until you press ENTRY (as this feature can be enabled by employee). Because of this, you will […]

How do I Export My Employee List

If you need to export a list of employees, you can do that by going to one of two reports: 1. EMPLOYEES 2. REPORTS-EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY From there, click the download icon and pick the format, ex. Excel. You will then be prompted to save the excel file with the employees you see in the table […]

Why does the site time me out?

The system will automatically sign you off if there is no activity for 15 minutes. This means you have not interacted with the site by loading a new page. This is designed to prevent someone from reaching the site when you walk away from your desk. The industry standard is 15 minutes and what we […]

Change Time Clock

You can change time time clock on your TimeWellScheduled account by going to: Manage My Business » General » Company Profile » Edit Business Profile

Firewall Exclusion/Whitelisting

The following links can be excluded from firewalls (or white listed) for TimeWellScheduled

Local weather

On the home page, TimeWellScheduled tries to determine your location to show you the local weather. So you will see this popup: Select ALWAYS SHARE LOCATION and you will never receive this popup again. If you wish to NOT share your location, or see the weather, select NEVER SHARE LOCATION   NOTE: Safari users, to […]

TimeWellScheduled URL link expires even if I have it in my favorites bookmarked

It should never expire, but make sure to use the BOOKMARK THIS SITE on our site, don’t use the browser to do it.  You will be prompted to copy and paste the correct url. If you are bookmarking it manually, it should be your full URL https://my.timewellscheduled. com/?company=XXXXYOURCODEXXXX

Managing Statutory Holidays

Managing Statutory Holidays To manage statutory holidays, go to Manage My Business->Manage Holidays & Stat Pay Setup   To add a new holiday, click the ADD link To delete or edit an existing holiday, highlight the row and select the EDIT option Once you have can run the stat report under Time Card & Payroll […]