Access Restrictions

Where did my punch buttons go? They are missing!

If all of a sudden your punch buttons are missing, your access restrictions have changed. If you are using IP blocking: This usually means your ISP has changed your IP Follow these steps to add the new IP If you are using COOKIE blocking This usually means your computer’s cache has been cleared or all […]

How do I manage remote employee’s punches?

If you have remote employees who punch in, you have two options on how they can punch in via the punch clock app: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to GENERAL SETTINGS Go to the PUNCH CLOCK tab On this page, pick an option: Will punch from a specific punch device – this will enforce […]

How do I restrict a select group of employees from punching in and out at a specific location

Typically punching in and out is restricted to a specific location. In those cases we recommend IP based blocking (or cookie if your IP changes frequently or is a shared IP – setup instructions here However if you want to allow most employees to punch from any location but restrict a few, the best […]

Setting up geofencing

Geofencing allows you to control punch abilities within a specific area. We STRONGLY recommend using a phone with a GPS as a web browser does not always provide an accurate result. NOTE – we don’t retrieve the location until you press ENTRY (as this feature can be enabled by employee). Because of this, you will […]

How Do I Restrict Punch Buttons On My Device Without IP Blocking

** NOTE, make sure you have your access restrictions  setup to use COOKIE based blocking. If you use IP blocking, this will not work.   Follow these steps to setup your iOS or Android device with access restrictions: Log into your portal and remove all IP or cookie based restrictions On your mobile device, go […]

How do restrict access in the app when I use COOKIES access restrictions?

Download the app from MANAGE MY BUSINESS Open the iPad settings app   Scroll to the bottom to the list of applications, select TWS Connect On the right side, you will see an option ADMIN PASSWORD Enter the password of ANY admin account on the system. If you DO not set this up correctly, you […]

[VIDEO] Restore missing punch in/out buttons

Problem: An employee came to work today and the punch in/out buttons are missing, what happened to them? Solution: This will happen if your stores IP (the unique number on the internet) has changed. To fix this, follow the directions here.