How can I tell where an employee completed the COVID check?

To find out where an employee completed the form Go to REPORTS View Punch Alert Report   If PUNCHED FROM is “Employee URL”, this means they punched via the employee link (likely before their shift) If PUNCHED FROM is “Punch URL”, this means they punched via the punch link (when they punched ENTRY) If PUNCHED […]

UPDATE on New COVID Screen Requirement

The Ministry Of Ontario announced a change that requires staff to perform the COVID check BEFORE they arrive at work. We’ve updated TimeWellScheduled to handle this and here are the steps: Log into your TimeWellScheduled instance Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Locate your ‘Employee URL’ on the left side (it should be similar to […]

How do I capture employee temperatures?

You can enable the temperature collection as part of the setup. Here is how:   Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS. Go to MANAGE PUNCH ALERTS Find the alert and click EDIT Check off the information and values you want to check On the punch screen, your employees will see the new collection

How to prompt employees when punching in (COVID-19)

Visit MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE PUNCH ALERT   Add or edit an existing alert Enter the alert title, body and how you want the site to handle the response. You can change this action in future to ask any sort of questions and expected responses (ie. if you need to prompt them to take action […]