How Do I Manage Departments

To add/edit/delete a department, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY DEPARTMENTS To add a new department, click ADD To edit an existing department, click EDIT To delete a department, click DELETE (there must be no employees assigned or managing that department to delete it)

How do I assign employees to a department?

When you create a department, you can assign an employee by   Go to the employee profile, DEPARTMENT tab and check off the new department Go to the department and click EDIT, click ASSIGN EMPLOYEESCheck off the employees and click SAVE

Why can’t I delete a department?

You can only delete a department if No employees have the department as primary No employees can also work in this department No managers/supervisors manage the department Once all of these instances are resolved, the DELETE link will show. Ex. In this case no employee can work in the department, however a manager is still […]

Restricting access by Department

Most companies have a single or multi punch location that all employees can use. However, you may want to ensure some employees only clock at a specific a specific machine. An example is your warehouse department which is a fair distant from the main punch machine, so a secondary machine is setup just for them. […]

Show/Hide Department on Schedule page

Choose Manage My Business » Business Settings » Manage My Departments to show or hide the department on the schedule page. First choose edit from beside the Department you want to edit. Toggle the  “Do not list on scheduling page:” check box here to show or hide the department on the Schedule You will now […]

Set up grace periods

A company can be setup one of two ways to set their grace periods Department based: Go to Manage My Business » Manage My Departments Find the department you want to set, click EDIT In the popup, set the grace periods Shift based: Go to Manage My Business » Manage Shifts Find the department you […]

Set the default length for meals/breaks

Companies using DEPARTMENT based rules Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY DEPARTMENTS Select a department to edit and at the bottom, you will see the grace periods and length of meal/break NOTE – if you need to change the value for multiple departments, use the EDIT ALL button to make group changes Companies […]