Offline Mode

Periodic internet connection verification and data synchronization

How often does TimeWellScheduled check the internet connection while in offline mode and how often does it sync the data? When you turn ON offline mode, TimeWellScheduled downloads a small amount of data to store locally, so when the connection is lost, it can continue allowing punching in/out. It will continue to sync every 10 […]

Offline mode refreshing too often

A few clients have noticed the offline mode refreshing more often than needed, sometimes every 15 seconds. Although this is not typical, this can occur if the data has become corrupt or setup a long time ago. Unfortunately, like a PC, sometimes a refresh is needed. To do this, in Firefox 1. Go to OPTIONS->TOOLS. […]

How to know when there is a service interruption

Did you know we use a third party tool ( to query our servers every minute to make sure they are up? As soon as it can not connect, it sends an email and phone alerts to our entire support team. We can then quickly determine the issue and fix it. And how do you […]