BC Sick Pay Calculations (Jan 1, 2022)

With the new sick pay calculations for BC starting Jan 1, we added a new report to help you calculate what the employee is owed.   To run the report Go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL Go to Holiday/Stat/Sick Pay Reports Pick the employee and date See the report

How to make SICK DAY – PAID export in payroll

By default, SICK DAY – PAID are not exported in payroll. If you would like to enable this Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE ABSENCE REQUEST TYPES Find SICK DAY – PAID and click EDIT Click off these settings:

How to change the absence YTD total

The default date for YTD calculations for absences is Jan 1. To change this, go to the employee record and click the ABSENCE tab. Pick the absence type and enter the date of the year to use:  

Paid Vacation and Stat Pay Calculation

If an employee is away on PAID vacation, their hours need to be included in the stat pay calculation as RT hours. To ensure the stat pay calculator does this, turn this ON, just check off the setting below    

Paid and Unpaid Sick Days

In TimeWellScheduled you can have 2 types of sick days Sick Day – PAID Sick Day – UNPAID   Sick Day – UNPAID This type of sick day WILL NOT push to payroll. The system will keep track and you can report on the number taken, but nothing more happens with this type of absence. […]

Allow employees to see other employees absences

If you want your employees to see each other absences, you can turn this on by going to MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE SCHEDULE AND TIME CARD SETTINGS and enabling this option.