App – Punch Clock

My app says I need to run an update, but I can’t. Why?

When you open the app, you may see this message Support Update: Understanding App Compatibility with Older Devices At TimeWellScheduled, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience with our products and services, including our mobile application. However, we understand that technology evolves rapidly, and this can sometimes lead to compatibility issues, […]

I just added an employee, and they can’t use the punch app, why?

You may have noticed when you add an employee they can immediately punch in via the website, but not the punch app. The punch app loads the list of employees at your company when it starts up, and then every 15 minutes. If you need the employee to punch right away, the quickest method is […]

Turn ON/OFF facial recognition

To turn ON/OFF facial recognition: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to GENERAL SETTINGS Click the PUNCH CLOCK tab Check off the facial recognition option ** There is a small fee per employee, as per this information – PRICING


You will receive the message “WE CAN NOT RETRIEVE YOUR GPS LOCATION” when using geofencing and trying to punch. The app is NOT sending GPS information. This can be caused by In the app, you do NOT have GPS enabled On your phone, you do NOT have location services enabled. Ex from an android device, […]

What is an administrator password and why do I need it?

When you enter the settings of the application (pressing the i icon), you will see this message: The password to manage the SETTINGS for this application is currently blank.  The following screens contain privileged information and should be protected with a password.  Be sure to enter one in the SETTINGS section on the following page. To prevent […]

How do I enable taking photos

Enabling the camera on your app will allow the app to take a photo and tie it to the time card. To enable the camera, go into the app settings and enable USE CAMERA

How do I enable GPS/Geofencing

Once you’ve setup geofencing (follow steps here) you can enable GPS in the app. To do this, go into the app settings and enable USE GPS

Your punch has been queued

If you see this message it means the app can not connect to our server. It could be due to your internet connection FIX – check your service provider, network, etc you did not enter the correct company ID FIX – follow step 5 here from our server FIX – check the status here The […]