App – Punch Clock

How do I enable taking photos

Enabling the camera on your app will allow the app to take a photo and tie it to the time card. To enable the camera, go into the app settings and enable USE CAMERA

How do I enable GPS/Geofencing

Once you’ve setup geofencing (follow steps here) you can enable GPS in the app. To do this, go into the app settings and enable USE GPS

Your punch has been queued

If you see this message it means the app can not connect to our server. It could be due to your internet connection FIX – check your service provider, network, etc you did not enter the correct company ID FIX – follow step 5 here from our server FIX – check the status here The […]

Facial Recognition

Please touch base with us to enable facial recognition in the app. There is a small fee per employee, as per this information –   When this feature is turn on, you will see a SCAN button on the punch clock app. Employees who have faces registered will NOT need to enter their code […]

How Do I Restrict Punch Buttons On My Device Without IP Blocking

** NOTE, make sure you have your access restrictions  setup to use COOKIE based blocking. If you use IP blocking, this will not work.   Follow these steps to setup your iOS or Android device with access restrictions: Log into your portal and remove all IP or cookie based restrictions On your mobile device, go […]

How to install the TimeWellScheduled App

1. Download the app based on your device ANDROID – iOS  – 2. Run the app, you will see a screen like this     3.Click the i icon bottom right 4. Click the menu top right and select Settings   5. Select “Use TWS Server” and enter your CompanyID. ** You can find […]

How do restrict access in the app when I use COOKIES access restrictions?

Download the app from MANAGE MY BUSINESS Open the iPad settings app   Scroll to the bottom to the list of applications, select TWS Connect On the right side, you will see an option ADMIN PASSWORD Enter the password of ANY admin account on the system. If you DO not set this up correctly, you […]