HR Suite

How do I change folder permissions in the library?

To change the folder permissions (ex. who can see what folders), Go to LIBRARY Find the folder on the left side you want to change permissions for, click it On the right side, click ASSIGN PERMISSIONS Pick the permission type READ – can see the folder and contents, nothing more UPLOAD – can see and […]

Assets – My employee forgot to check in their asset

If an employee forgets to punch out, having checked out an asset, the system will NOT automatically return it. The employee will be prompted at the next EXIT action to confirm they are returning it. However, if you need to manually check in an asset Go to ASSETS Find the employee/asset, click CHECK ASSET IN […]

Banked Hours – How do I add banked hours?

There are several ways to add banked hours:   To add an amount for multiple employees at one time Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE BANKED AND EARNED HOURS TYPES Click ADD BULK BANKED HOURS Enter the amount and select the employees To add an amount per employee Go to EMPLOYEES Find the […]

What are banked hours reservations

Banked hours reservations are banked hours that are earned in the future and can be used by an employee to request MORE hours than they have but WILL have at the date of the request. For example, the normal processing of banked hours works like this An employee has 0hrs vacation On the 2nd of […]

Banked Hours – How do I move RT/OT hours to banked hours?

To move hours from RT/OT to banked hours, follow these steps: Go to TIME CARDS & PAYROLL Go to HOUR & SHIFT PREPERATION REPORT Load the week that has the hours you want to move Click the EDIT icon beside the hours total for the week In the popup, you will see how the hours […]

Banked Hours – How to show employees their banked hours

You can add a widget to the employee dashboard to show their banked hours totals. To enable this, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS Check off “View Banked Hours totals on dashboard” for the security levels that you want to see these values.

Assets – Employees recording at punch in/out

Employees can be prompted to enter asset details at punch in. To do this, first add an asset and check off that it requires the employee to check it in/out (read steps here). When the employee punches in, they will see a list of assets confirming which ones they are using:     When the […]

How to add/edit an asset

To add/edit an asset: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE ASSET TRACKING TYPES To add an asset, click ADD You can require employees to check IN and OUT assets as an option, for example if you want to know which radio ID they have for the day, you can request at punch in […]