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How do I replace a file for a training/onboarding item?

If you have a new updated file and want your staff to review the new file (example you have a new handbook file), Go to LIBRARY Upload the new file in the TRAINING MATERIALS folder ** DO NOT CHECK OFF “Create a training item for this file” Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE […]

Banked Hours – Negative Hours

When approving an absence, you may see the below message: You may want to allow negative hours, for example, on vacation hours where employees accrue hours during the year but request time off for summer at the start of the year.   To allow negative hours, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE BANKED […]

Banked Hours – Accrual Setup Example

Receive a fixed number of hours per year In this example below, the employee will receive 24 hours into “Bereavement” bank will be added every year on Jan 1 hours do NOT carry forward to the new year Receive a percent based on approved hours In this example below, the employee will receive 4% hours […]

Is the I HAVE REVIEWED button legally binding when employees review documents?

Understanding the Legality of Clickwrap Agreements When it comes to the digital acknowledgment of documents, clickwrap agreements have become a cornerstone of electronic commerce and corporate procedures. One common use case is within our own organization, where employees must indicate that they have reviewed critical documents by clicking an “I HAVE REVIEWED” button. This simple […]

How do I create a new training group and assign employees?

This article will show you how to create a new training group, add files and assign to employees so they can complete them. Upload Your Files First, upload any files the employees may need to complete: Go to LIBRARY Click the TRAINING MATERIALS folder on the left side Click the +NEW button Pick UPLOAD FILE […]

How do I change folder permissions in the library?

To change the folder permissions (ex. who can see what folders), Go to LIBRARY Find the folder on the left side you want to change permissions for, click it On the right side, click ASSIGN PERMISSIONS Pick the permission type READ – can see the folder and contents, nothing more UPLOAD – can see and […]

Assets – My employee forgot to check in their asset

If an employee forgets to punch out, having checked out an asset, the system will NOT automatically return it. The employee will be prompted at the next EXIT action to confirm they are returning it. However, if you need to manually check in an asset Go to ASSETS Find the employee/asset, click CHECK ASSET IN […]

Banked Hours – How do I add banked hours?

There are several ways to add banked hours:   To add an amount for multiple employees at one time Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE BANKED AND EARNED HOURS TYPES Click ADD BULK BANKED HOURS Enter the amount and select the employees To add an amount per employee Go to EMPLOYEES Find the […]

As an employee how do I mark a training/onboarding item reviewed?

To mark a training/onboarding item reviewed: Log into timewellscheduled and go to your dashboard Find the item you want to review Click I’VE REVIEWED THIS! Complete the confirmation, click the YES I HAVE REVIEWED button You and the manager/supervisors you report to will receive an email confirmation you’ve reviewed the item.

What are banked hours reservations

Banked hours reservations are banked hours that are earned in the future and can be used by an employee to request MORE hours than they have but WILL have at the date of the request. For example, the normal processing of banked hours works like this An employee has 0hrs vacation On the 2nd of […]