How to setup eNETEmployer for the first time

In TimeWellScheduled, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY PAYROLL, SHIFTS AND LABOR RULES Pick eNETEmployer Fill in the earning codes To get your earning codes in ENETEmployer, Go to CURRENT Go to EARNINGS Make sure the TYPE is set to HOURLY and use the # column value in TimeWellScheduled If you have […]

How to manage payroll over the holiday break

When it comes to holiday breaks and bank closures, managing payroll can be tricky. Here is how many of our clients manage it. Let us assume banks are closed Monday and payroll needs to be submitted Friday morning. This means no hours for Friday/Saturday/Sunday will be approved.   Week before the holiday Approve all time […]

Desjardin – Import Employees

** To get your DESJARDINS API codes – contact your Desjardins customer service representative so they can request the API keys. They can also help you create a web service user in Employer D.   TimeWellScheduled can use the Desjardin API to pull in a list of employees. To set this up: 1. Go to […]

Exclude paid breaks / meals when doing OT calculations

When doing OT calculations, you can exclude paid break/meals from the OT side of the calculation. For example, if OT is calculated at 8hrs and an employee works 8.5hrs (with 2 15min paid breaks), you can handle this 2 ways: Pay 8hrs RT, 0.5hrs OT Pay 8.5hrs RT – the 0.5hrs worked are considered RT […]

Punch Code & Payroll Code – What’s The Difference

Punch Code is used by the employee to punch ENTRY, EXIT, MEAL and BREAK. Payroll Code is used when sending information to payroll that represents the employee. These numbers are typically the same but, in some cases, may be different. If your payroll code is longer or contains alpha values and you want to keep […]

QuickBooks – How to set up payroll

Follow these steps to ensure QuickBooks is properly setup: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY PAYROLL, SHIFTS AND LABOR RULES Pick QUICKBOOKS in the drop down Make sure to import your payroll items first (see steps here) [link to Match the appropriate payroll type to your QuickBooks payroll item If needed, […]

How do I set/check our OT rules?

To set the global OT rule, you can do it here: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY PAYROLL, SHIFT AND LABOR RULES Click the LABOR RULES tab From here you can set the company wide OT rule. As well, you can set specific rules per day of the week (ie. if an […]

eNETEmployer – Transfer Time Cards

From TimeWellScheduled Approve timecards Select Time Card & Payroll Select: Hour and shift preparation report Enter the required date range for the pay period Check all departments, hourly, active and verify if all the employees that fit this category are properly selected Click EXPORT TO eNETEmployer Right click the selected named report Save link using […]