How to edit time card hours before sending to payroll

Sometimes you need to override the default calculations for RT and OT hours. To do this, go to the HOUR AND SHIFT PREPARATION report and select your time period. Beside the RT hours, you will see an edit icon, click it: In the popup, change the values and click SAVE: NOTE – this feature will […]

Transfer TimeCards to Pay Works

1. EnsurePay Works is set up as your default payroll system. To confirm, go to Manage My Business » General » Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labor Rules and select ‘Pay Works’ as the system you use and enter your payroll number 2. Make sure you’ve approved all your timecards 3. Select Time Card & Payroll 4. Select Hour and Shift Preparation Report (once […]

Exclude paid meals/breaks from overtime calculations.

We’ve added the option to set your hours for maximum regular hours and choose the option to exclude paid meals and breaks . Go to Manage My Business>>Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labour Rules. This calculation will be reflected on the Schedule page, for example in this case the employee worked 53 hours. That’s 9 […]

Error importing EasyPay with “NOT CONVERTED – record length is too short

If you try to import, you may have import format set to a custom format one instead of the default. Easypay has the capability to take information from different formats, convert it to our file format then import it. TimeWellScheduled is producing the file already to Easypay specifications so a pre-conversion is not required. To fix, go […]

Check your ADP Company Code

To ensure a proper import, your company code MUST be proper upper or lower case Ex. a client had setup the code as 8H5 here but ADP pointed out their code was 8h5 Same with the file you import, ie. it can NOT be PR8H5EPI.csv it needs to be PR8h5EPI.csv

Desjardin – company number not matching

For Desjardin, the company number must be 8 characters long. If your company code is shorter than this, we need to append a 0 at the front. EXAMPLE: For company V001, the value must be 0000V001

[VIDEO] Export to EasyPay

This is the How To Use the Export to Easy Pay for TIMEwellSCHEDULED. The fully tailored time and attendance with employee scheduling enhances your workforce management capability.

Transfer TimeCards to Quickbooks

1. Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS -> GENERAL -> GENERAL SETTINGS 2. Under Payroll, select Quickbooks as the payroll option. 3. A pop-up will appear, requesting you to import payroll items. Any items you have already entered will be displayed here. 4. Select a file to import. 5. Click on Upload file, that will load […]

Transfer TimeCards to Sage Peachtree

Generating the CSV file 1) Go to Manage My Business and verify that Peachtree is selected, if not select it and save the setup: 2) Go to the Reports option and select Export to Peachtree: 3) Select the information according to the steps mentioned in the preparation report and once everything is done click on […]