How do I setup my punch options (code, app, biometrics, barcode)

TimeWellScheduled supports multiple punch options: employee code & password (default) barcode biometrics using the app To manage which method to use and the options within each, go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->GENERAL SETTINGS   Under the PUNCH CLOCK tab, change to a different punch method

Enable early block PER EMPLOYEE

Say you have an employee who is scheduled for 9AM, but keeps arriving at 8:30AM, punching in and sitting around 30 minutes to start their shift. Although TimeWellScheduled won’t pay the extra time, there may be that employee impression. To block this, you can restrict the employee from punching in early. By doing this they will […]

Hide Early/Late Popup Windows

If you want to hide this message on punching. You can turn it off by going to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->GENERAL SETTINGS and selecting which popup to hide (you can do 1 or all):

[VIDEO] Punching in early

By default TimeWellScheduled blocks employees from punching in early. The reason for this is many clients reporting employees being scheduled for say 9AM, arriving at 8:30AM, punching in and sitting around 30 minutes to start their work. Although TimeWellScheduled wouldn’t add this time to their pay, ti added more work to approving timecards. When an […]

Clearing Form Fields On TimeWellScheduled Login

For Firefox: Go to Firefox Preferences, and click on Privacy Click on “clear your recent history” Click the Time range to clear and choose “Everything” From the Details panel, check beside “Form and Search History” and click “Clear Now”   For Chrome: On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click History  History. On […]

Set up grace periods

A company can be setup one of two ways to set their grace periods Department based:   Go to Manage My Business » Manage My Departments Find the department you want to set, click EDIT In the popup, set the grace periods Role based   Go to Manage My Business » Manage Shifts Find the […]

Why are my employees getting automatically punched out?

We have a control to ensure employee schedules do not run non-stop, making their timecard report a much larger number than it really is. Based on the maximum shift length, we auto log an employee off 1 hour after this. For example, if Department A has a maximum shift length of 10 hours, the system […]