How do I change the schedule for an employee who has already punched in?

If an employee is scheduled, say 4p-11p and punches in early and you need to change their scheduled start/end time, Go to SCHEDULING Find the employee and their schedule, click the time (in this case the 4p-11p shift) In the window, change the start/end shift times to the new time. If they have punched in, […]

How do I enable automatic punching with barcode scanning?

If you want an automatic punch option, you can enable this feature with barcode scanning. You can setup the barcode scanner so it’s always active and as employees scan their bar code, the system will automatically punch either an ENTRY or EXIT. NOTE – since the system can’t determine if the punch would be MEAL […]

How can I check the punch logs?

If employees are reaching out that they can’t punch in or out, you can check the logs to see exactly what they are seeing. In some cases they may not be reading the message from the system carefully (like the can’t punch at this location, etc).   To check a specific employee today: Go to […]

How do I show/hide the BREAK/MEAL buttons?

If you don’t punch out for breaks or meals, you may want to hide the punch button BREAKS. To do this: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to GENERAL SETTINGS Go to the PUNCH CLOCK tab Check the corresponding button to hide it on the punch page

Make your punch station JUST a punch station

If you want to hide the DASHBOARD button so staff can ONLY punch in and out, hide the DASHBOARD button. Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to GENERAL SETTING Check off the option to hide the button

How can employees take meals and breaks all at once

You may have employees who take their breaks and meals together. If you provide 2 15min breaks and 1 30min meal, employees may want to take a 60 minute ‘meal’ and combine them so they don’t have to punch in 3 times.   To turn this feature on, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to […]

How do I setup my punch options (code, app, biometrics, barcode)

TimeWellScheduled supports multiple punch options: employee/payroll code & password (default) barcode you can generate a barcode in the system, requires a bar code reader you buy Setup instructions here biometrics you enroll employees with their fingerprint, requires you buy the device Setup instructions here using the app, there are 3 modes (NOTE – you must […]

Enable early block PER EMPLOYEE

Say you have an employee who is scheduled for 9AM, but keeps arriving at 8:30AM, punching in and sitting around 30 minutes to start their shift. Although TimeWellScheduled won’t pay the extra time, there may be that employee impression. To block this, you can restrict the employee from punching in early. By doing this they will […]