Did You Know

Change Time Clock

You can change time time clock on your TimeWellScheduled account by going to: Manage My Business » General » Company Profile » Edit Business Profile

Schedule breaks and meal times

There are 3 ways to schedule meals and breaks, based on what works for your business. Option 1 – Split Shifts If you want to schedule just meals, you could schedule 2 split shifts. Example, if someone is scheduled 9-5 and you want them to have a break from 12:30-1:00, you can schedule a 9-12:30 […]

Timecard History

Timecard History is a record of who has approved or edited a timecard. When approving editing timecards, you can now choose the clock option at to the right of each timecard entry to see if and who has edited the timecard.    

Add a Video to Dashboard News

To add a video to the Dashboard news it first must be uploaded to an online video server. The most popular is youtube.com. Next we need the YouTube embed code from any uploaded video In TimeWellScheduled choose Manage My Business>>Manage Dashboard News To add a new News post choose Add News   Add a title. […]

Punching in early

By default, TimeWellScheduled does NOT blocks employees from punching in early. Although the system will not add this time to their pay, it adds more work to approving timecards. If you want to allow more time at ENTRY punch without employees being prompt, increase the department grace period to an appropriate amount of time before […]

Messages and copy/paste from word

If you write your messages in word, ensure you use the PASTE FROM WORD option and press CTRL/CMD+V to paste into this window. Using right click-paste will not work.