How to setup biometrics for the first time

Here are the steps to setup biometrics for the first time: Buy the device Setup the device once it arrives Enable BIOMETRICS as the punch option **NOTE – once you enable biometrics, unless you register your finger (step 4) OR disable biometrics (step 5) you will be locked out if you log off. So do […]

Upgrade to biometrics

We’ve added the ability to scan 2 fingers instead of just 1. This will your employees to try another finger in case one stops. As well we’ve added a process to test the fingerprint right on the employee page. Click the ‘Test biometric scan’ link to test.

How to clean your Fingerprint Reader device

Taking Care of Your Fingerprint Reader The fingerprint reader, while tolerant of residues left on the reader, performs optimally when kept clean! How to Clean the U.are.U Fingerprint Reader Apply the sticky side of a piece of adhesive cellophane tape to the window, and then peel it away, OR Gently dab the fingerprint reader window […]

Force employees to access using biometrics

When you use biometrics, ALL employees must use it. This avoids employees bypassing your security and just entering their employee code and password. Administrators and managers however can still access the site with their employee code and password. On the main punch screen, just below the finger print icon, will be a link Log in […]

Biometric device doesn’t scan my finger

Scan The Right Finger Do not scan the index finger, this is the least accurate finger to scan. Use your thumb or middle finger to ensure the best recording of your fingerprint. Proper Use of The Reader Most of the unique, repeatable fingerprint information is located in the “pad” of your finger, not in the […]

Log In Using Biometrics

Important – the device must be plugged in via the USB device and the drivers installed. Step 1 – When you arrive at the main punch in screen, you will see the below image. If the biometrics device is NOT online/available, you can click the ‘Log in with employee code/password’ and use this backup method […]

Enroll Employees Using Biometrics

To enroll an employee with biometrics Go to EMPLOYEES Find the employee, click EDIT Follow the remaining steps below under the GENERAL tab Step 1 Click Fingerprint #1 – Scan Step 2 Have the employee press their finger 4 separate times on the device. THEY MUST USE THE SAME FINGER. Step 3 As the employee […]

Set and remove the biometric requirement for an employee to punch in

By default, employees need to use their fingerprint to punch in with biometrics. This means they can NOT use their employee code and password. You may not want this for a few reasons their finger print might be hard to read management team doesn’t have a device to use This ONLY applies to the punch […]