Java not working in Firefox? – Run Java on FireFox ESR 52 – download link

Some clients have had issues using IE11 with TWS since Java was no longer supported in Firefox 52. Here is what you may after scanning a finger print and clicking one of the buttons. There is no indication that it was successful and they have to refresh to get the normal page back. FireFox ESR 52 […]

IE11 And Slow Response Times

Make sure to remove old java to prevent issues. Open control panel then Programs and features   Go to Programs and Features and remove any Java programs installed. Check your files system with windows explorer to make sure Java has been deleted.   If any jre*.* folders exist   DELETE them.   Open IE and go […]

Biometric scanner – Firefox work around

We’ve found a simple work around to continue using Firefox with the Biometric Scanner. Deactivate Auto update in Firefox Download firefox 51.00 – Link to firefox 51: Setup 51.0.exe Close Firefox  and Execute  Firefox Setup 51.0 Open Firefox and make sure Auto updates are still off Run firefox and open TWS Make sure to click […]

How to clean your device

What is Fingerprint Logon? Fingerprint logon is simple, fast, and secure. First you “register” one or more of your fingerprints. The system saves enough unique information about your fingerprint to create a template so that a fingerprint reader can later identify you. Your actual fingerprint is not stored, and your actual fingerprint cannot be reconstructed […]

Set up your biometric device

Please follow the steps below to verify you have java latest version: 1. Go to 2. Then press the red button (Agree and Continue) 3. If you get something like this: 3.1 Go to your browsers upper left corner and then click on Allow Now 4. By now your browser should start Java and […]

Force employees to access using biometrics

When you use biometrics, ALL employees must use it. This avoids employees bypassing your security and just entering their employee code and password. Administrators and managers however can still access the site with their employee code and password. On the main punch screen, just below the finger print icon, will be a link Log in […]

Fingerprints not recognized

Biometric devices work by reading the ridges in your fingers. If the ridges are not well defined, they can not be scanned. One way is to encourage employees to drink more water. After that, you can try third party tools like these: store/index.php?main_page= product_info&products_id=297 SCAN-Ridge-Enhancer-15-oz- P2345C441.aspx (Note, links to these tools were sent […]

Biometric device doesn’t scan my finger

You may notice the scanner working, but it doesn’t do anything on the login page. You must ensure the browser is the active window. If you were using another window, the browser lost the focus and will no longer receive the biometric information. Click the title bar of the browser to make it the active […]

Supported Punch in methods

We currently support 5 different punch in methods. These are:   1. Employee Code & Password – This is the simplest and easiest method to set-up. The employee code usually relates to their payroll number and a secure password. Works on Windows or Mac Up Front Cost: $0 Ongoing Annual Cost: $0 Pro: Simple, no […]