Approving shift swaps

To approve a shift swap Log into the DASHBOARD Find the shift you want to APPROVE or DECLINE If you DECLINE, the employee will be alerted, the swap is done If you APPROVE, the employee will be alerted and the shifts will swap

Enabling Shift Swapping

To enable shift swapping Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SCHEDULE AND TIME CARD SETTINGS On this VIEW MY SCHEDULE tab, enable employees to see each others shifts”, this will allow employees to see each other schedules in View My Schedule. On the SHIFT SWAPPING tab, click either option to turn ON

Overnight Timebands

To create an overnight timeband, first you’ll need to choose the following options in Manage My Business » General » Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labor Rules and the Shifts tab   Then you can choose overnight hours in the timeband.  (Manage My Business » Scheduling » Manage Timebands)

How to delete a pending shift swap

An employee can delete a pending shift swap by going to their schedule, picking the shift and clicking the DELETE link.

Edit or delete a shift.

To delete a shift that has already begun on the current day, please click here.  To edit or delete a shift first select the department from the left side menu and make sure the schedule is Unpublished.   To delete the shift – click the X beside the shift time. To edit the shift – click […]

Punching in early

By default, TimeWellScheduled does NOT blocks employees from punching in early. Although the system will not add this time to their pay, it adds more work to approving timecards. If you want to allow more time at ENTRY punch without employees being prompt, increase the department grace period to an appropriate amount of time before […]

When the system auto-clocks an employee out, what logic does it use?

If an employee forgets to clock out, the system will automatically clock them out. There are 2 scenarios the system will use to determine what end time to use: If the employee is scheduled Each department has a “Maximum shift length” value At the “Maximum shift length” if the employee has still not clocked out, […]

Shift Swapping

There are 2 ways to swap a shift: Let others know I would like someone to take this shift This swap is designed to be a one way swap, meaning you are offering your shift up with no shift in return. To do this: Go to VIEW MY SCHEDULED Find the schedule in question, click […]

Manage Shifts

This is the How to Manage Shifts for TIMEwellSCHEDULED. The fully tailored time and attendance with employee scheduling enhances your workforce management capability.