Project Tracking

What is the project tracking module?

The project tracking module allows employees, who have punched in, to record time against a project. You can tell if this module is enabled on your punch page when you see this button: The project module lets you record and report hours against A project OR Project Equipment ** Action ** ** these terms can […]

Where can I see the reports?

Go to TIME CARD & PAYROLL and pick the report you want to see: Example if you want to see who worked what projects:

How do employees START to record time against a project?

Employees must first clock in to record time. Have the employee enter the code and password, then click RECORD HOURS The employee will be prompted to pick a project, click START Their start time will be recorded

How do I create a project?

Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE MY PROJECTS To add a new project click ADD. To edit a project click EDIT. Enter a name and project number. When you no longer want employees to post hours against the project, close it.