Override Meal/Break Times

Single shift A single shift can be override by Go to SCHEDULING Find the shift Click the shift In the popup, click off “Override the default meal/break times and length” Override in time bands  If you have specific shifts you need created with a different meal length, you can create a time band and override […]

How do I change the schedule for an employee who has already punched in?

If an employee is scheduled, say 4p-11p and punches in early and you need to change their scheduled start/end time, Go to SCHEDULING Find the employee and their schedule, click the time (in this case the 4p-11p shift) In the window, change the start/end shift times to the new time. If they have punched in, […]

How to create and publish a schedule

To create a schedule: Go to SCHEDULING Pick the department you want to schedule Pick the week (make sure the week is UNPUBLISHED) You can now create a schedule 4 ways Click the + symbol for any cell for the day/employee, complete the form and click ADD Pick a time band above the days and […]

Absence recording and split shift

If an employee has a shift for a day and you need to record an absence you have several options: If you choose to link the WHOLE shift, then the entire shift will be removed from the time cards. If you choose to link PART of the shift, then the hours entered will remain as […]

How do I print off a daily schedule sheet?

You can print a daily schedule by going to the WHO’S WORKING menu item and clicking print.   If you need to print for a future date, you can Go to SCHEDULING Click off the departments to show (or all if needed) Click the DAY button Change to the day you want to view If […]

How do I show EMPLOYEE NOTES on the schedule and time card review page?

If you need to show the employee public notes on the schedule and time card review page Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SCHEDULE AND TIME CARD SETTINGS Enable these 2 options: What will show on the schedule: What will show on the time cards:

How do we set the benefit % on the scheduling screen

When creating a budget, you can add an employee benefit % to reflect additional costs like benefits, vacation, bonuses, etc. To set the percent, Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY PAYROLL, SHIFTS AND LABOR RULES Click the LABOR/BENEFITS tab Set the percent and click SAVE NOTE – if you want to override […]

Schedule Periods

When creating a schedule, if you’re looking for a fast way to see hour totals during the day by specific periods, create schedule periods. In your schedule, they will show at the bottom and sum the hours for JUST those periods. Here we can see 3 in yellow we’ve created.   To set these up, […]

How do I review coverage in my schedule?

The default view is to see the schedule based on employees, ex. However, if you want to see the same information by SHIFTS, go to settings and change to SHIFTS Which will change the view to this