Override Meal/Break Times Based On Day Of Week

A few of our clients have commented that on weekends, they have different meal lengths than the weekday. We have now added a new control for this. Go to Manage My Business » Manage Schedule and Time Card Settings and change the settings here:

YTD Absences and Availability

When approving absences and availability, we now show the approved and pending YTD totals for the employee based on the absence category.

How To Hide Employee Wages

By default, administrator and managers CAN see employee wages. Supervisors and employees can not. If you want to change this, go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS->MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS and you can check or uncheck which group can see wages:

Easily send Employee Welcome Emails

You can easily send Welcome emails to employees by selecting their name on the Employee page and pressing Send welcome email.

Sort Schedule by Start time

You can sort the schedule by start time for a more compacted view of the week’s schedule. On the Scheduling page, click the clock button to sort the schedule by shift time.

View my Schedule – Hours totals

Employees can see their total hours for the week and month. The column to the left in View My Schedule shows the weekly total of scheduled, actual and approved hours.  

Competency panel

The Competency panel will filter employees based on their skills added in their profile.