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My employee says they can’t clock in – what happened?

You may have employees telling you they can’t clock in. “The site said I couldn’t punch” “It just wouldn’t let me in”   In many cases, the employee isn’t reading the message and reporting it back to you properly.   We’ve now added a report that shows the exact sequence of messages the employee sees. […]

Changing BREAK and MEALS

If you have an employee who punches incorrectly for a BREAK when it was meant for a MEAL or a MEAL when it was meant for a BREAK, you can now change it. To do this Go to the dashboard Find the employee In the ACTION drop down, you will see a new option (see […]

How Managers Can Clock In Employees

We’ve added a feature to the dashboard to allow managers and administrators to clock in employees. This feature replicates the action as if they were doing it themselves. This would be useful in a few cases the managers could do on the employees behalf if an employee came in late and never clocked in if […]