Who's Working

Send Messages to Employees/Emergency Contact

If you need to send a message to employees working or their emergency contact people: Go to WHO’S WORKING Click the email icon Complete the form and select who you want to send the message too


On the WHO’S WORKING board, by default when a shift is tied to an absence, we hide the shift. For those who want to see both, follow these steps: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to GENERAL SETTINGS On the ABSENCE tab, check off this option

How to show competencies on the Schedule and Who’s Working screen

To show competencies on the Schedule and Who’s Working screen: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE MY COMPETENCIES For any new or existing competency, assign a letter code (this can be of any length but we recommend a shorter code to fit on the following screens) After that, When you view the Schedule […]

My employee says they can’t clock in – what happened?

You may have employees telling you they can’t clock in. “The site said I couldn’t punch” “It just wouldn’t let me in”   In many cases, the employee isn’t reading the message and reporting it back to you properly.   We’ve now added a report that shows the exact sequence of messages the employee sees. […]

Changing BREAK and MEALS

If you have an employee who punches incorrectly for a BREAK when it was meant for a MEAL or a MEAL when it was meant for a BREAK, you can now change it. To do this Go to the dashboard Find the employee In the ACTION drop down, you will see a new option (see […]

How Managers Can Clock In Employees

We’ve added a feature to the dashboard to allow managers and administrators to clock in employees. This feature replicates the action as if they were doing it themselves. This would be useful in a few cases the managers could do on the employees behalf if an employee came in late and never clocked in if […]