Security Groups – What are they and how to view and change them

Security groups are used within the site to define what permissions are assigned to the employee. Each employee belongs to a single security group. The default security groups are: Administrator – Full access to all areas of the site Managers – Ability to manage employees in their departments, absences, availability Compared to the supervisor (default […]

How do I let managers/supervisors see emergency contact information?

Administrators can see this information by default in the EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY report (under REPORTS). If you want to grant this access to managers/supervisors: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS Check off “View Emergency Contact” for managers/supervisors

How do I give managers access to emergency contact information?

To allow managers to see emergency contact information, follow these steps Go to EMPLOYEES Find the manager, click EDIT Click the DEPARTMENTS tab At the bottom, make sure this IS checked off When a manager logs in and clicks any employee, they will see their emergency information:

How do I restrict managers/supervisors to ONLY see their departments’ absence requests?

By default, managers CAN see all department absence requests. This allows them, say as a duty manager, to see who is off and can be called in.   If you DO NOT want managers/supervisors to see other department absences, follow these steps to disable it: Go to EMPLOYEES Edit the manager/supervisor Click the DEPARTMENTS tab […]

How to allow specific employees to see other employee schedules

We recommend setting this globally, but it can be done by employee (see below). To allow employees to see other employees schedule: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SCHEDULE AND TIME CARD  SETTINGS Go to the VIEW MY SCHEDULE tab Check off the option to allow employees to see others schedules, pick the […]

Blocking Employees from deleting their email

If you want to stop employees from deleting their email address in the ABOUT ME page, go to to MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS and uncheck this option:

Adding Employees and Security Groups

When a user adds an employee, the available security groups are based on the security group of the user adding it – they can only add to the same or lower security level. This means if the user who is adding a new employee is level 4, they can only add new employees at level […]

Approving time cards – Absence reason select box

To allow Managers/Supervisors to select an absence reason they must have the correct Security Groups enabled   Go to Manage My Business>>Security Groups and make sure Allow Absence on time Card and Allow shift swap time card are checked under the desired group(s).