How can I add my own message on the welcome email to employees?

You may want to message employees about your privacy policy or other information when they sign up. To add your own message, when you click SEND WELCOME EMAIL, complete the comment box: When the employee receives their email, it will contain the message:

How Do I Add Custom Employee Info?

To add Custom Employee info like, medical conditions, Driver’s license, or anything else you need go to: Manage My Business » Business Settings » Manage User Defined Fields , and click ADD to create a section to collect custom employee information.   Select the desired input type, Name, section and any options or selections.    […]

Why can I only add an employee to 1 department even though I’m an administrator?

By default, administrators can manage all departments. However, you can set them up like managers/supervisors and restrict the depts they can manage, an example is here, this person, even though an administrator, would only be able to add/edit an employee into the MANAGEMENT dept. If this is NOT what you want, go to your profile […]

How to allow specific employees to see other employee schedules

In the employee profile (edit any employee) you will see the option to allow the employee to see other employee schedules.   There is a global setting (under MANAGE MY BUSINESS – MANAGE SCHEDULE AND TIME CARD  SETTINGS) for all employees.  

Blocking Employees from deleting their email

If you want to stop employees from deleting their email address in the ABOUT ME page, go to to MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS and uncheck this option:

How do I login to check my schedule?

Visit timewellscheduled.com In the menu is an option, EMPLOYEE LOGIN Enter your email and password and it will log you into the system.

Easily send Employee Welcome Emails

You can send a welcome email to employees that will include the URL to log in with, their employee code and password. To do this, go to the  EMPLOYEE page and click the employees you want to send the email to. Then click the blue button “Send welcome email”. You will be prompted to confirm […]

View my Schedule – Hours totals

By default, employees CAN see PAID and ACTUAL hours in their schedule page. If you don’t want them to, check these   Employees can see their total hours for the week and month. The column to the left in View My Schedule shows the weekly total of scheduled, actual and approved hours.  

How To Link Employees Between Instances

If you have multiple instances you can link employees between sites by going to the employee listing and select to link.

When the system auto-clocks an employee out, what logic does it use?

If an employee forgets to check out, the system automatically clocks them out. To calculate when to do this, there are 2 scenarios 1. If the employee is scheduled, it will set the time to their END OF SHIFT time ex. If the employee is scheduled 9-5. the END SHIFT will be set to 5 […]