How do I let managers/supervisors see emergency contact information?

Administrators can see this information by default in the EMPLOYEE DIRECTORY report (under REPORTS). If you want to grant this access to managers/supervisors: Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS Go to MANAGE SECURITY GROUPS Check off “View Emergency Contact” for managers/supervisors

How do I setup a salaried employee?

If you have salaried employees, meaning they need to show on the schedule but not clock in and out (and typically you don’t export their hours to payroll), set them up as follows:   Go to the employee and click EDIT Under the PAYROLL tab, set them to “Salaried” To not require punching, click the […]

Record of Employment (ROE)

When an employee leaves or you need to provide official documents related to an employee’s record of employment (ROE), you can now download them from the site.   The file will contain Schedule recap (scheduled, actual and paid hour total by week) Schedule detailed (scheduled, actual and paid hours by day) Absence recap (number per […]

How to take an OPEN SHIFT

When you log into the site, you will see any available OPEN SHIFT if they are in your department and role. They will show up Dashboard – along the top: Dashboard – under the schedule Scheduling – on the day they are available  

How to reset an employees late entries

To reset the number of late entries for an employee: Go to the employee’s profile  and choose the scheduling tab. You can reset by clicking the desired Go button.

My employees are not receiving emails

With the launch of the employee app, some employees are choosing to only receive alerts in the app. To check Open the employees profile (EMPLOYEES, find the employee. click EDIT) Go to the ALERTS tab If ‘E-Mail” is checked, they will receive it via email If “In the employee app – MY MESSAGES” is checked, they […]

Importing employees via csv

A csv is a file name of a spreadsheet. you can output a spreadsheet as a csv. (comma separated values ) Add the headings and below to the spreadsheet add the employee’s info into a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel or whichever spreadsheet you choose. employee name last name employee code employee password department name Their […]

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can Speak to your admin, they can reset your password Visit timewellscheduled.com In the menu is an option, EMPLOYEE LOGIN Click the tab PASSWORD RESET