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In an effort to increase performance we’ve added a LOAD SCHEDULE button on the schedule page. When reviewing typical actions on the schedule page, we found many users would click a department system would start loading the schedule click a secondary department system would finish loading the first dept system would start loading the schedule for […]

Managing & Moving Hours and History Tracking

If you come across the need to move hours between RT/OT/DOT, banked hours or premiums (say a holiday in lieu), read the article here on how to do it. If you need to see WHO made these changes, read the article here on reviewing the history of these changes.

Tracking banked hours changes in time cards

When you need to move hours between RT/OT to banked hours (or from bank hours back to RT/OT) we’ve added a simple highlight to the control so you can see what still needs to be done. If the line is NOT balanced, it will remain red until it does

New report – Time Band Activity

For those clients that use time bands in lieu of stat or other tracking purposes, we have added a new report to track when those time bands have been used. Read more here.

Showing EMPLOYEE NOTES on the schedule and time card review page

We’ve added the option to view employee notes on the schedule and time card review page. When viewing the schedule or time card you can quickly see the notes instead of needing to mouse over the icon. Read more here on how to enable.

Update to asset tracking – assign to department

When creating an asset, you can now pick the department the asset belongs to. In this case, only specific departments require a radio and need to be tracked:  

New PUBLISH alerts added

We’ve added 2 new alerts when publishing/unpublishing schedules. Go to MANAGE MY BUSINESS, MANAGE ALERTS to find them