In our time and attendance solution, we understand that managing your workforce efficiently is crucial. That’s why we designed our system to retain deleted employees on the schedule page. Here’s an explanation of why this feature exists and how it benefits your scheduling process.

Historical Accuracy

When reviewing past schedules, it is essential to see who was present, even if they are no longer with the company. This historical accuracy allows you to:

  • Audit Past Schedules: When you look at last month’s schedule, you need to see the names of all employees who were scheduled, including those who have since been deleted. This is vital for maintaining accurate records and for any audit or review purposes.
  • Understand Workforce Dynamics: Understanding who was scheduled and when provides insights into your workforce’s dynamics, helping you make informed decisions about staffing needs and patterns.

Accurate Comparisons

Comparing work hours across different periods is an important aspect of workforce management. By retaining deleted employees in the schedule:

  • Seamless Hour Comparison: You can compare last month’s hours to this month’s hours without losing context. The presence of deleted employees ensures that all scheduled times are accounted for, providing a complete picture of your workforce’s performance.
  • Trend Analysis: Analyzing trends over time requires consistent data. Retaining all scheduled shifts, including those of deleted employees, ensures that your trend analyses remain accurate and meaningful.

Schedule Continuity

Copying previous schedules to the current month is a common practice to maintain consistent coverage. Our system supports this by:

  • Ensuring Coverage: When you copy last month’s shifts to this month, you want to ensure that the same coverage is maintained. Even if some employees have been deleted, seeing their names allows you to adjust the schedule accordingly, ensuring that no shifts are left uncovered.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: By keeping deleted employees on the schedule page, you can seamlessly transfer shift patterns and coverage plans from one period to another, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

If You’re Concerned About Privacy On Deleted Employees

You can read our data retention policy here.

If you still require more privacy you can opt to change the employees name before deleting them. A placeholder name like CASHIER_1.