1. Ensure Desjardin is set up as your default payroll system. To confirm, go to Manage My Business » General » Manage My Payroll, Shifts and Labor Rules and select ‘Desjardin’ as the system you use (pick either PayPC or EmployerD)

Please note that your business number in TimeWellScheduled is not your access code

But the information on the next page is.

2. Select your pay frequency (weekly or every 2 weeks).

3. Make sure you’ve approved all your timecards

4. Select Time Card & Payroll

5. Select Hour and Shift Preparation Report (once you’re familiar with this step, you can use the Export To Desjardin link instead)

6. Enter the required date range for the pay period

7. Check all departments, hourly, active, inactive, terminated and verify if all the employees that fit this category are properly selected

8. Click VIEW REPORT to generate the report (this may take a few seconds)

9. Verify the report (optionally, you can print the report)

10. At the top left, there is a drop down list that reads: “Export to”, select ‘Desjardin

11. Once the new page is loaded, you will see our system generated a file for you to import.

12. Right click the generated file link at the bottom of the page

13. Save link on your desktop (depending on your browser it may read ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’)


EmployerD Initial Configuration

Since Desjardins does not enforce a single structure for the application of departments, division, task, etc. It is preferable to leave the management of these functions to Desjardins.

Here is how to set up Desjardins (to be done only at the first import).

Start the EmployerD Web application normally.

After reading your Desjardins messages.

Go to the Import Import menu.

Selected section modify import parameters.

To have no problem with your departments, check the following 2 options

Save configuration

Your Desjardins is ready to import with TimeWellScheduled

14. Return to Payroll -> Tools -> Import transactions

Using the browse button select the file previously saved on your desktop at step 13

You must now select the data format to match Desjardins (TimeWellScheduled uses the Fixed Columns (.txt) structure)

15. Perform the import.

If the import encounters a problem, you must correct it

The frequent errors encountered on importation:

  • The employee’s number does not exist in Desjardins (create the employe in Desjardins)
  • Employer number is invalid (see option 1.)
  • Multiple error on almost all lines (file format is not a Fixed columns (.txt))