One time procedure: Create a new folder under EasyData and name it “TimeCards”.
Create a shortcut path to the TimeCard folder (i.e. network share)
Example z:\EASYDATA\Timecards\

EasyPay: the EasyPay Customizer module must already be installed and set up before you can do your first transfer.

From TimeWellScheduled

  1.  Approve timecards
  2. Select Time Card & Payroll
  3.  Select: Hour and shift preparation report
  4. Enter the required date range for the pay period
  5. Check all departments, hourly, active and verify if all the employees that fit this category are properly selected
  6. Export to: select EasyPay
  7. Right click the selected named report
  8. Save link using a meaningful file name like pp8_2017.txt


From EasyPay

  1. Close previous pay period
  2. Make any changes to employee profiles (i.e. terminations, activations)
  3. Print list of active employees using the click & pick reports
  4. Select from the menu Periodic
  5. Then select Customizer Module
  6. Then select Import timecards
  7. Then select Create regular time cards
  8. Check to ensure correct pay period is showing. Change as required
  9. Select Import Folder/File, select the correct folder that has already been set up
  10. Click O.K. twice
  11. Verify that the timecards are there
NOTE – if you encounter any Easypay warnings, the import can continue. If you encounter any ERRORS, the import will stop.
Usual issues are employee code or department code not matching. Ex. In Easypay the employee code is ‘0123’ it MUST be ‘0123’ in TimeWellScheduled.