If an employee forgets to clock out, the system will automatically clock them out. There are 2 scenarios the system will use to determine what end time to use:

  1. If the employee is scheduled
    1. Each department has a “Maximum shift length” value
    2. At the “Maximum shift length” if the employee has still not clocked out, the system will set their time to the END OF SHIFT time and flag the time card
    3. Example
      • “Maximum shift length” is set to 12hrs
      • An employee is scheduled 9a-5p
      • If the employee has not clocked out at 9p the system will set their clock out to 5p and flag the time card.
  1. if the employee is setup open scheduled (can you link to the open schedule article here),
    1. The system will use the “Maximum shift length”, plus an hour (just in case they really are working that late).
    2. Example
      • “Maximum shift length” is set to 10hrs
      • The employee clocks in at noon
      • If they have not clocked out at 11p, the clock out time will be set to 11p