For Employees

Can I sync my schedule with Google or Apple Calendar?

You can sync your TimeWellScheduled schedule with an external calendar software or tool that relies on iCal such as Outlook, Google or Apple Calendar To import your calendar into a third-party app, first go to VIEW MY SCHEDULE  and click the CALENDAR SYNC button to access your unique link. Click the COPY TO CLIPBOARD link […]

Employee App – How to install

Download the app for Android here, or iOS here. Once you install, enter your email and password. Within the TimeWellScheduled employee app you can See the number of shifts, absences and messages at one glance Check your schedule – click any date that has a coloured dot. Check your absences – click any date that […]

I’m an employee, can you send me my information?

As an employee, it is up to your employer to provide any information you need from our system. We can not provide time cards or payroll information. Our agreement is with your employer and as such, it is their data to share. As well, for privacy reasons we have no method to validate you are the employee requesting […]

How do I login to check my schedule?

Visit In the menu is an option, EMPLOYEE LOGIN Enter your email and password and it will log you into the system.

Check your schedule

To check your schedule, download the employee app Via the website visit click EMPLOYEE LOGIN enter your employee information once logged in, click VIEW MY SCHEDULE On this page, you will be able to view your schedule for the current month. This schedule will indicate the department you will be working in, as well […]