Go to the payroll setup and set the correct export details as explained here.

Ensure you first have your statutory holidays setup.

To view the stat report, go to

  • Time Card & Payroll in the menu
  • Select Holiday/Statutory Report
  • Pick the holiday and click GO

The report will generate 2 lists, those employees who worked the STATUTORY and those who did not.
At the top, will be the employees who worked and will show their approved hours:

At the bottom will be the employees who did NOT work, and their STATUTORY EARNED hours:
HOURS EARNED will show the amount they are owed regardless if they qualify.
HOURS EARNED PAID will show the amount they are owed IF they qualify. Based on your province/state, the requirement (ie. If they worked before/after, worked XX days or be employed for YY days) will be shown in green (qualified) or red (did not qualify). If ALL conditions are met, the HOURS EARNED PAID will match HOURS EARNED.
If you want to override our calculations, you can click the EDIT icon and change the value.

When you are done and all the values are correct, you click the green approve button at the top to send to payroll (if your payroll supports this):